1930 Federal Census - Los Angles, California

He is listed as George B. Nolan, living in the household of a William D. Harrigan. You'll also notice that the actress Dorothy Mackail is living in the previous household. Miss Mackail was instrumental in getting Mr. Brent a start in movies.

Note: Shows his age as 26; Age at first marriage 24; Born in the Irish Free State; Immigrated in 1915; Occupation: Actor in motion pictures; AL for Alien

1930 Federal Census - New York, NY - Kathleen Nolan Watson

In this census is George's sister, Kathleen Watson and her family. Victor Watson was a newspaper publisher in New York. He committed suicide in

1930 Federal Census - San Francisco, CA - Janet Michael

This census shows the family of Janet Michael, George Brent's fifth and last wife.