Director: Archie Mayo

Plot Summary: Famous actress Helen Walbridge (Verree Teasdale) gives her lover, Stuart McAllister, (George Brent) the key to her apartment intending to meet him there after a party celebrating her latest success. Stuart finds Helen's daughter, Lois Johnson, (Jean Muir) when he gets there, waiting for her mother. Lois has been hidden in a school by Helen so it will not be known she has a 19-year-old daughter, which may interfere with her career. Stuart and Lois become great friends, causing Helen to become jealous enough to convince Lois she's in love with upper crust society bachelor Russell Gray(Charles Starrett) when they meet at a party and he proposes. But when Lois meets Russell's family at their estate she feels totally out of place, and calls Stuart to come and take her home. The engagement is broken, but Helen resorts to other tactics to try to wrest Lois away from Stuart.

Cast: Jean Muir, George Brent, Verree Teasdale, John Halliday, Charles Starrett