The Rich Are Always With Us


Production Date: began late Oct 1931
Release Date: 21 May 1932
Director: Alfred E. Green

Plot Summary: The ten year marriage of of Caroline (Ruth Chatterton) and Greg Grannard (John Miljan) is falling apart. His latest love Allison (Adrienne Dore) plots to become his second wife. Caroline's friend, newspaper correspondent Julian, (George Brent) confesses he loves her. She goes to Paris to file for divorce but returns when friends tell her that Greg, now married to Allison, is falling on hard financial times. She returns to find Julian is involved with a flapper named Malbro (Bette Davis). A car accident injures Greg and kills Allison. Caroline promises to stay with him and help him get his business started again. Julian agrees to stop seeing Malbro and will put off a honeymoon until Greg recovers.

Cast: Ruth Chatterton, George Brent, Bette Davis, John Miljan, Adrienne Dore.