Helen Campbell


Nothing is known about Helen Campbell except that she was married to George Brent. It is believed that they were married during the time that Mr. Brent was still performing on stage.

Ruth Chatterton
13 August 1932 to 4 October 1934


December 24, 1893 - New York City, NY
24 November 1961 - Norwalk, CT

Dignified, sophisticated, brittle, blonde leading lady of the 30's and 40's. Chatterton was also a licensed pilot who flew her own plane cross-country. She was married three times, each time to an actor. Her marriage to George Brent followed her divorce from Ralph Forbes.

Constance Worth aka: Jocelyn Howarth
10 May 1937 to 7 December 1937


19 August 1912, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
18 October 1963, Los Angeles County, CA

A child actress in the 1920s, Australia-born Constance Worth re-emerged as an ash-blonde leading lady in the early '30s. Worth worked mainly in B-films. You can see her in Boston Blackie Does Hollywood opposite Chester Morris. She retired in 1949.

Ann Sheridan aka: Clara Lou Sheridan
5 January 1942 to 5 January 1943


21 February 1915, Denton, TX
21 January 1967, Los Angeles, CA

Ann Sheridan won the "Search for Beauty" contest which carried with it a Paramount screen test. Signed to a contract at 18, she was put into a number of small roles under her real name of Clara Lou Sheridan. As she got better, her name was changed to Ann. In 1936, after two dozen films, she went to Warner Brothers, which billed her as the "Oomph Girl", a name she despised--although she certainly looked the part. Miss Sheridan died of cancer in 1967 just as her career was reviving with the series Pistols 'n' Petticoats.

Janet Michael
December 17, 1947 to March 23, 1974


December 15, 1920, California
March 23, 1974, San Diego, CA

Miss Michael was born into a promenient San Francisco family. Her father was an attorney and her mother an artist. One brother James, who died in 1998. George and Janet Brent had two children, a daughter born in 1950 and a son born in 1954. Janet Michael Brent died of cancer in 1974.